Some projects may require surveys of Breeding or Wintering Birds.  Requirements depend on the type, size and location of the project, but even some small projects may require a limited bird survey.

All wild birds in Britain are protected by law and protection extends to their nests when these are in use.  A number of threatened species (Schedule 1 species) receive special protection.  Schedule 1 birds include species such as Barn Owls which may be a particular consideration when carrying out projects on farmland or when undertaking a barn conversion.

There are a range of different types of breeding bird surveys.  It may be necessary to undertake repeated surveys over a period of time in the case of, for example, construction of a wind farm.  Hedgerows or trees may need to be checked for nesting birds prior to site clearance or mitigation may be necessary if Barn Owls are using a barn to be converted.

In winter many birds come to the UK thanks to our relatively warm climate.  Some winter migrants (e.g. geese) may be concentrated in certain areas, whilst others may be more widespread.  Britain has particular responsibility for many of these species, supporting significant proportions of world populations.  Where developments are proposed in areas likely to be significant for such species surveys will be necessary to determine if there will be any direct or indirect impacts and whether these can be avoided.

John Drewett Ecology is able to advise you on the most appropriate survey methods, undertake the surveys and produce reports to the standards required by the planning authorities.